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Fully automated and customizable new generation of Tibia Bot.



MMBot provides you with a great amount of features to use and is made to provide the best gaming experience. Nice and simple graphical user interface follows the concepts of previous successful bot which work great in combination to the features we provide. Every feature can be modified to your play style and liking. Our bot is built to be fast and as memory efficient as possible so it doesn't make you lose any FPS. Also, using MMBot is really easy. We don't use pixel reading or sending key inputs to Tibia client, everything is done by reading memory and sending packets to the server. This will save you space for your own hotkeys and also not get in your way when playing.

News and updates

Here at, we are really serious about our work and constantly work on our bot to improve it every single day. We are researching new ways to develop our features as fast as we can and provide best support to our customers. Every day we are looking to expand and bring MMBot to a bigger audience by updating it for every client 12 private hosted server. We also take care of the security and make our bot as stealthy and humanized as possible. That way you will be safe from bans on servers that don't really like bots. Our team waits for you, so register and test our bot today!


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